AM CBD Capsules (15mg w/ Caffeine)


AM CBD Capsules

Thiamin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, caffeine, vegetable cellulose (capsule material), rice extract blend, cannabidiol. Click here and go to our home page

Suggested Use

Take one capsule up to two times daily

AM CBD Capsules

What’s keeping you from starting off your day on the right foot? Believe it or not, there is such a thing as excess caffeine; too much, and you may actually experience a counter-effect to wakefulness and alertness. That’s why Purekana AM CBD capsules are infused with the perfect amount of CBD and caffeine – just the right combination of milligram amounts to start your day off energized, alert, and ready to go. You might not hear a lot about the use of CBD for energy, but try these AM CBD Capsules and experience the difference that Pure Kana hemp extract can make in your life. Buy marijuana in Canada, Dispensaries Canada, Buy weed Canada

Is There a Difference Between Purekana CBD Capsules & Purekana AM Capsules?

There sure is! While these are a far cry from caffeine capsules, there are bountiful reasons to consume a daily morning amount of caffeine and CBD – as long as they’re consumed together in the right combination. The demand for our standard CBD capsules propelled us to create our PureKana AM Capsules. A product that is formulated with our proprietary natural energy blend that is designed to give you a boost when you need it most. At 15mg of CBD per serving and 78mg of caffeine straight from coffee beans, you are in for a focused and energized day – without having to sacrifice your regular morning cup of coffee. Take Pure Kana AM CBD Capsules up to twice daily, and experience the positive wellness benefit that quality hemp extract can bring to your life. Similar to most of our products, the PureKana AM Capsules are certified organic, Non-GMO which means they contain no pesticides, herbicides, solvents or chemical fertilizers.

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Customer Reviews

Johnny H.

CBD capsules a.m.

Good for people who are in a rush in the morning. You can take one capsule and not worry about getting your coffee. This has caffeine in it so it will take care of that. I like these personally and I find them convenient.


jerome f.

I like the idea but they are expensive

I like the idea of combining caffeine with CBD but this supplement is expensive. I’d rather just drink my coffee still and take CBD under my tongue with oil but at least I gave it a try just to see how they would be.


Anthony Ashbury

Caffeine and CBD

What better combination could you ask for? This is just what I was looking for. I take one in the mornings and I get my caffeine and my cbd in with just one capsule


Jezebel K.

What a combination

What a great combination to start your morning off right. I love these capsules and they make my mornings a whole lot easier.


· 12 Sep 2020 11:47 · Reply


Ashton L.

A.m. capsules

I take my CBD in the mornings so this is fantastic. It has caffeine in addition to the CBD so that’s like a lot easier for me.



Great way to multitask

This is a nice way to get your CBD and also your caffeine in one shot. I really like these I wish they weren’t so expensive but it is what it is.


Joshua parker

Such a cool find

I love browsing the Internet and Finding cool products like CBD morning capsules. Has a little bit of caffeine to help keep you motivated and awake.


Arlene Granger

Just what I was looking for

I was looking for some CBD capsules that I could take in the morning before work, and little did I know I would stumble across these gems. They also have caffeine so I don’t even have to worry about my coffee!


Eddie Williams

CBD morning

These are nice and convenient and save you time in the morning when you are busy and rushed. I just don’t like how they are so expensive but other than that they are good.


Aaron Rodrigues

Great product

Cool to find a morning CBD capsule that has some caffeine added. Really helps you wake up and it’s better than drinking coffee every morning, which stains your teeth.