3.4oz Topical CBD Ointment 600mg (3-Pack)

$190.00 $180.00

  • Save 15% when buying our 3-pack
  • Hydrating, refreshing sensation
  • Hemp extract comes from same raw plant material as our CBD oils
  • Moisturizing for supple, healthy, rejuvenated skin
  • Ultra-convenient and easy-to-use CBD formulation
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Buy CBD Ointment

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Suggested Use

As a topical cream, take a small amount and rub in completely over desired area. Repeat as many times as needed.

Lab Report

Customer Reviews


If you use it a lot, get the three pack

If you use this ointment a lot like me, then I would recommend getting the three pack because you can save some money. I go through this stuff quite a lot. My husband also uses it so that doesn’t help LOL. Buy CBD Ointment


Joel R.

Topical CBD ointment

This is the best topical CBD ointment I’ve ever used, it absorbs really quickly and it is pleasant to smell as well. It doesn’t smell weird or anything like a lot of salves do.


Nancy W.

Great deal

This is a really good deal to get three for this price. Especially if you use this stuff a lot. Me and my husband are always going through this ointment so we always need to have some in stock.


Allen W.


I go through this stuff crazy fast so I’m happy to see a three pack and allows me to save some money for buying three at one time.


Jack Porter

CBD ointment

CBD ointment is a lifesaver. It has helped me in many different ways and I use it all the time so I run out quickly. I went ahead and just purchased the bundle so I can save and also be in stock.



ointment review

This topical is the best, I do not know what I would do without it, because I use it all the time. I bought a three pack so I make sure that I always have some in my house but I can also feel free to give some away now because I got it for cheaper


Jesse f

So happy to find this

I’m so happy that I found this three pack because I go through the CBD ointment like crazy. I use it and my wife uses it as well so it’s really good to have a three pack to save money and make sure you have enoughю


Orlando A.

Stock up while you can

I stock up on the stuff while I can because I am afraid I’m going to run out. This stuff has helped me so much and I love it a lot. I’ll make sure I have plenty of this and always buy some before I run out.



So glad to see this three pack

I was buying them individually and going through them so fast because I use this all the time, now I found a three pack and it’s nice because I can save some money and also I have enough in stock to last me a while without ordering constantly.


Nellie Patrick

Will last me all year

I saw the three pack and had to buy it. It saves me a little money and will cut out shipping every few months because I will get it all in one package. It should last me all year.