$47.00 $37.00

  • 600mg CBD Isolate
  • Blended botanicals + essential oils
  • Free of pesticides, residual solvents and heavy metals
  • Lab-certified for cannabinoid content
  • THC Free


CBD LAVENDER BODY BALM, CBD Isolate, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Lavender Essential Oil.

Suggested Use

Take a small amount and rub in completely over desired area. Repeat as many times as needed.

600mg CBD Lavender Body Balm from PureKana

Our 600mg balm is the larger version of our all-new body balm. While our smaller tin is perfect for traveling, this will be a new household staple. We offer 3 scents which are CBD Isolate infused, blended with botanicals + essential oils and formulated for maximum impact.

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Lab Report

Customer Reviews


So nice

This body balm is a really nice way to end a busy day. I love using this on my sore feet before I go to bed. the smell of it is even better I love the lavender.


Darren J.

The smell is fantastic

The beautiful lavender smell of this body balm is really fantastic and my wife loves it. But we both use it, it’s the perfect bedtime body balm because it’s so relaxing smelling.


Connie S.

Love the lavender smell

The lavender smell of this body balm is the best part. It smells so refreshing and aromatherapeutic. It is definitely one of my favorite topicals out there on the market right now.


Vicky L.

Such a great product

The lavender body balm is such a great product. I am so happy that I tried it out because it just melts into your skin like butter and it smells like heaven.


Addison G.

Lavender body balm review

This is a great way to end a stressful day. Rubbin some of this delightful lavender body balm on your sore spots. It was like so relaxing for me, and I will do it more often!!!


Kendra B

Smells like a spa

The calming lavender smell of this body balm smells like a spa. I love it and find it so convenient and easy to use as well.



Best CBD balm I have tried! Already recommending this!

I bought this after using a CBD balm my sister found (different brand) I bought one at a retail store that just did not compare to her balm. After researching various CBD topicals I found that this company is rated in the Top 5 in the US. I ordered this product and found a 30% off coupon online, it is a decent amount of product after using a coupon the price is comparable and the shipping is free, the delivery was also very fast. The product works wonders, I have already recommended it to several of my friends!


Justin Prince

Lovely fragrance

I love the lavender fragrance of the body balm. It makes it even more relaxing and beneficial because it helps you to calm down and also targets your sore spots with the topical action.



The gift turned out perfect! CBD LAVENDER BODY BALM

Got one of these for my gf… She loved them! I will get her a balm with a different scent for our anniversary next month



Overpriced maybe?

A little overpriced if I’m being honest