Early Sativa Strain


Early Sativa is a 100% pure Landrace sativa strain native to Canada that was bred specifically to handle the country’s rough climates and temperatures year-round. With a mild THC level between 12-14% and a delicious flavor, Early Sativa is a perfect strain for all levels of users. Early Sativa buds have a fresh and fruity lemon aroma and a taste akin to drinking a glass of freshly made strawberry lemonade with a tangy yet sweet aftertaste. These buds have medium-sized spade-shaped neon green nugs with a spattering of light amber almost translucent hairs and scattered patches of light minty green undertones. Each nug is dusted with milky white trichomes and is covered with a thick layer of sticky sweet resin. The Early Sativa high is one that is easy and lucid, perfect for the outdoors or a lazy day at home. You’ll have a mildly uplifted cerebral energy that leads to euphoria and motivation to be social and active. This is accompanied by a surprising sense of relaxation not common to many sativa strains. Because of these mellow yet euphoric effects, Early Sativa is said to be ideal for treating chronic fatigue, mild depression, chronic pain, and nausea.



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4.5 very good strain, not 5 stars because I know other strains that are better for me. That doesn’t mean this strain won’t be good for you though, I highly recommend it. Early sativa strain.


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Perfect anytime very well balanced. Great for stress relief and relaxation.

It has the perfect balance. I get a relaxed and heavy head like with an indica, but feel motivated like with a sativa. I think I have found my favorite strain.

Great strain! Higher level health has the best!

Very well balanced strain! Covers it all!

An EXCELLENT strain , taste wise balanced not so sweet not so earthy but both,,,however the kind of strain that hits fast,and lasts… In my experience,most diesel,blue ,or lemon strains always deliver, but diesel anything R U L E S …TOP SHELF ! ! !

Been growing it in Washington co Oregon since 2010 and it’s been my go to strain..

Great strain love it nice and fluffy really sticky

Awesome all around strain… Definitely more indica than sativa



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