Pandora’s Box Strain


Pandora’s Box has little to do with the associated Greek myth in which a naïve girl opens a box and unleashes evil upon the world, alongside a small glimmer of hope. However, this particular strain does have a very high potency and is known to have an immediate effect over patients; hence, it is not really recommended for novices. Its aroma is full of mixed citrus with a light touch of spiciness lying undercover. Pandora’s Box plays its part in overcoming depressive disorders, anxiety and stress-related syndromes. It may also be used to treat the symptoms of diseases such as glaucoma, arthritis and nausea. It has a considerable THC level of 13.5 per cent with a Sativa dominant ratio of 70:30, and it possesses a CBD level content of 0.37 per cent. In terms of physical appearance, it is shady green and dressed with dense hair and crystal buds. It has an evident effect in provoking excitement, giggles and energetic moods within the users. However, it should be noted that an overdose of Pandora’s Box may lead to paranoia and drying out of the eyes and mouth. Although it offers a strong buzz and a memorable experience of useful benefits, it is not recommended for beginners’ usage.



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4.5 very good strain, not 5 stars because I know other strains that are better for me. That doesn’t mean this strain won’t be good for you though, I highly recommend it.


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Perfect anytime very well balanced. Great for stress relief and relaxation.

It has the perfect balance. I get a relaxed and heavy head like with an indica, but feel motivated like with a sativa. I think I have found my favorite strain. Pandora’s box strain.

Great strain! Higher level health has the best!

Very well balanced strain! Covers it all!

An EXCELLENT strain , taste wise balanced not so sweet not so earthy but both,,,however the kind of strain that hits fast,and lasts… In my experience,most diesel,blue ,or lemon strains always deliver, but diesel anything R U L E S …TOP SHELF ! ! !

Been growing it in Washington co Oregon since 2010 and it’s been my go to strain..

Great strain love it nice and fluffy really sticky

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